Håkan Bråkan & Josef

Title: Håkan Bråkan & Josef
Year: 2004
Director: Erik Leijonborg
Actors: Axel Skogberg, Leo Holm, Emma Engström, Per Svensson, Tintin Anderzon, Henrik Hjelt, Johan Rheborg, Jonas Karlsson, Miranda Nord, Bisse Unger, Petter Westerlund, Rachel Mohlin, Rolf Skoglund, Ella Widmark
Genre: Comedy, Family
Country: Sweden

Why in Database: In this film, a turtle appears who can talk and pretend the sounds of other animals, and it is taken care of by the main child protagonist. You can see him in a variety of scenes throughout the entire movie, too many to describe each of them..

Author: XYuriTT

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