Franklin is a character created by a Canadian, Paulette Bourgeois who was inspired by the series M.A.S.H. where there was a dialogue about turtle afraid to enter his own shell.

The original source in which Franklin appeared were therefore books she wrote, which we do not have yet described in the database.

Another way in which Franklin gained popularity was through two animated series based on the Franklin stories:
Hello Franklin, created with traditional animation,
Franklin and friends, created with computer animation.

Six films were also made, the first four refer to the first of the above-mentioned series, the last two to the second.
Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie
Franklin’s Magic Christmas
Back to School with Franklin
Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure
Franklin & Friends: Deep Sea Voyage
Franklin & Friends: Polar Explorer

In addition, TD has a description of the Franklin Children’s Gardens located in Toronto, where you can see sculptures of Franklin and other characters.

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