Forensic Files

Title: Forensic Files
Year: 1996–2011
Narrator: Peter Thomas
Cast (in this episode): Nita Bitner, Don Bizelli, Timothy Braun, Mary Case, William Conway, Karmen Cox, Wilaiporn Cox, Dale Crites, Thomas Grant, Muriel Higgins, Richard Nyhuis, Teena Orling, Timothy Quinn
Genre: Documentary, Criminal
Country: USA
Viewing method: Selected episodes

Why in Database: In one episode of this series, we found a mention of a turtle.

At the very beginning of the third episode of the third season (The Talking Skull) someone who noticed something says, that firstly he mistook it for a turtle shell, but it turned out to be a skull. Technically speaking, the turtle is not shown in the episode, but we add the skull screenshot below anyway.

At first it looked like a turtle shell, but it was a skull.

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