Danger Rangers

Title: Danger Rangers
Year: 2005-2006
Director: John Kafka, Russell Calabrese, Jonathan Heidelberger
English dubbing: Mark Hamill, Rob Paulsen, Grey DeLisle, Jerry Houser, Kevin Michael Richardson, Tasia Valenza, Charlie Adler, John Kassir
Genre: Animation, Adventure
Country: USA
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: SA series with a very educational message, aimed at introducing children to the “safety rules”, each episode focuses on a different risk, such as fire hazard (and false alarms!), dangerous drugs, playground hazards and so on.

Why was it in the base? Because one of the title “rangers” is the turtle Burt (voiced by Mark Hamill), who is “technical” in the team and provides them with various gadgets and new inventions. As a permanent element of the crew, he appears in all sixteen episodes of the series, so we do not list them here specifically.

Instead, we list episodes in which some other turtles appears (in addition to Burt):
1 – “Water Works” (another turtle can be seen in the crowd next to Burt)
5 – “The Great Race” (turtle can be seen in audience)
8 – “Safe And Sound” (one of the students is a turtle)
11 – “Dog Days” (one of the dog-owners is a turtle)
14 – “Go Games” (one of the players is a turtle)
16 – “Fallbot Forget-Me-Not” (one of the students is a turtle)

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