Creature Comforts (UK)

Title: Creature Comforts
Year: 2003-2006
Twórca: Nick Park
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Country: UK
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: A stop-motion animated series, with characters made of plasticine, with voices of British giving interviews about various topics. The idea was created as short film , after a few years it was developed into two 13-episode seasons in the British version we’re covering here, and one seven-episode season in the US version.
In Season One, episodes four (The Sea), six (Feeding Time) and eight (The Pet Shop) features two turtle fragments each. There is one such segment in Episode eleven (Is Anyone Out There).
In the second season, in the sixth episode (Sport) there are four segments with a turtle. There is one segment in the ninth episode (Merry Christmas Everybody), but “Turtle dove” is mentioned multiple times. We usually ignore such mentions themselves, but here it also appears in the form of considerations that such a combination is probably some strange genetic experiment. The last appearance of the turtles is in the tenth episode (Bed Time), where there are two turtle segments.

– Two turtle doves. -Some type of weird genetic experiment…
– Gone wrong.
– I don’t know, a dove and a turtle mixed together in some laboratory.

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