Cinta Kura Kura

Title: Cinta Kura Kura
Year: 2012
Director: Nizam Zakaria
Actors: Zizan Razak, Aeril Zafrel,Tiz Zaqyah
Genre: Comedy romantyczna
Country: Malaysia

Why in Database: A movie absolutny full of turtles, you could even say that Nico, the turtle, is the main character here, or at least one of three equal and equally important characters! As part of the reality presented in this film, turtles can talk (and move quite efficiently, walk on 2 hind legs, jump, etc.), but they hide that skill from people. So we follow the fate of the aforementioned Nico, and in a few moments of two other turtles, and how he influences the other people (and this can be a negative influence, e.g. when jealousy that his guardian does not deal with him as much as before, after becoming closer to her lover, Nico frames him with not very pleasant accusations. But of course it’s romantic Comedy, so everything ends well and the turtle changes for the better). From the very beginning to the very end, great turtle movie.

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