Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Title: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
Year: 2012
Director: Donald Rice
Actors: Elizabeth McGovern, Eva Traynor, Paola Dionisotti, Sophie Stanton, Felicity Jones, Elizabeth Webster, Kenneth Collard, Ellie Kendrick, Zoë Tapper, Luke Treadaway, Ben Greaves-Neal, Luke Ward-Wilkinson, Olly Alexander
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: UK

Why in Database: The first appearance of the turtles is in the form of a small statue standing on one of the furniture. Later we have a scene in which the main character talks to the gardener through the window, with turtle next to him. The next scene in which this turtleand figurine appears is a flashback, it shows how the heroine het this reptile. The last appearance is at the end, the turtle is in a box, it is put into the care of another character..

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