B’t X (B’t X Neo)

Title: B’t X (B’t X Neo)
Year: 1996-1998
Japan dubbing:Nobuyuki Hiyama, Yoshiko Kamei, Nozomu Sasaki, Jin Horikawa, Megumi Ogata, Emi Shinohara, Atsuko Yuya, Kenyu Horiuchi, Misa Watanabe, Kazuya Ichijō, Asako Dodo, Osamu Sakuta, Gara Takashima, Keiji Fujiwara, Ryuji Mizuno, Chisa Yokoyama, Ai Orikasa, Kyōko Hikami, Fujiko Takimoto
English dubbing: Eric Vale, Kristen McGuire, Josh Grelle, Jeremy Inman, Morgan Garrett, Marissa Lenti, Caitlin Glass, Tyson Rinehart, Rachel Robinson, J. Michael Tatum, Tia Ballard, Chris Bevins, Clarine Harp, Ian Sinclair, Marcus Stimac, Joanna Grelle, Alison Viktorin
Genre: Anime, Animation, Action, Adventure, SF
Country: Japan
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: B’t X is a two-series (25 and 14 episode) adaptation of the Manga with the same Title. It tells about the title machines, which, with some simplification, can be called intelligent, self-aware robots/machines that cooperate with their riders. One such machine is the B’t Max turtle, which, along with its “rider”, is the guardian of the North. In the first series, in the first 19 episodes, he only appears in a few, while from episode 20 to 25 he is constantly present. In the second series he appears (though sometimes only in small role) in all 14 episodes.

B’t X:
03“Confrontation! The Machine Empire” Turtle only in the form of a bas-relief and a shadow.
11“Invincible! Spirit General of the East, Ron” Again, the bas-relief, the name Turtle, and he is visible for the first time, but just barely.
12“Formidable Enemy! The Warrior, Kaos” Again shown in scenes.
13“Buddy! The Bond of a Passionate Soul” Again in same scenes.
15“Blast! Message to the Reaper” Only in the group scene, but you can see him more or less in full form.
17“Appear! Shadow X!” Again, underground and in a bas-relief
20“Life! Break Heart”
21“Reborn! The Neo B’t X”
22“The Worst! The Area’s Seven Evil Knights”
23“Flash of Light! Shining Knuckle”
24“Burn! A Piece of the Sun”
25“Overthrow! B’T Raphael”

B’t X Neo:
01“The Four Knights vs. The Evil Knights”
02“The Land of Love and Hate”
03“Burning Red Flame!”
04“Miracles of the Blood”
05“Fear of the Illusions”
06“A Streak of Light”
07“Mehr Licht (more light)”
08“Confessions of a Mask”
09“Blood Bonds”
10“The Lair of the Beast”
11“Search for a Lost Era!”
12“One for All”
13“Memories of the Future!”
14“A Piece of the Sun!”

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