Boys’ School

Title: Boys’ School
Original title: Les disparus de St. Agil
Year: 1938
Director: Christian-Jaque
Actors: Erich von Stroheim, Michel Simon, Armand Bernard, Aimé Clariond, Serge Grave, Marcel Mouloudji, Jean Claudio, Jean Buquet, Robert Rollis, Félix Claude, Claude Roy, René Génin, Jacques Derives, Martial Rèbe
Genre: Drama, tajemnica
Country: France

Why in Database: One of the children’s characters has a turtle that he carries everywhere with him all the time, so you can see him in a large number of scenes. At the beginning, you can also see a shadow of something standing on the shelf, which strongly resembles a turtle, but there is no scene that would clearly show it.

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