Title: Beyblade
Year: 2001
Director: Toshifumi Kawase
English dubbing: Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin, Alex Hood, Gage Knox, Daniel DeSanto, David Reale, Julie Lemieux, Caitriona Murphy
Genre: Animation, Action, Family
Country: Canada, Japan
Viewing method: First season

Why in Database: This series, its first season (51 episodes), get a place in our base for three reasons. First, the biggest one is that one of the heroes, Max, has Draciel’s as bit-beast, which is essentially a turtle. It may not look like a turtle in appearance, but it’s a matter of symbolism. The rest of the team has Dranzer (firebird), dragon and tiger bit-beasts, only the black turtle is missing from the set of “four beasts”. Draciel can be seen in action in the following episodes:
5 (Draciel of Approval),
10 (Battle in the Sky),
14 (The Race is On),
15 (Going for the Gold),
22 (Blading with the Stars!),
24 (Viva Las Vegas),
25 (My Way or the Highway),
28 (Bottom of the Ninth),
31 (London Calling),
32 (Darkness at the End of the Tunnel…),
45 (Breaking the Ice),
46 (First Strike),
50 (New and Cyber-Improved…),
51 (Final Showdown).

The second reason is the trainer Axel, appearing in the 24th episode (Viva Las Vegas), who has a “turtle disc”. In a flashback he tells how he chased away a group disturbing the peace of a large turtle, and he left him an egg with a disc in it as a thank you.

The last turtle element appears in episode 31 (London Calling), in the form of a big bas-relief when the past of the bit-beasts is described.

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