Being Human

Title: Being Human
Year: 1994
Director: Bill Forsyth
Actors: Robin Williams, Kelly Hunter, Maudie Johnson, Max Johnson, Robert Carlyle, Eoin McCarthy, Irvine Allen, Iain Andrew, Robert Cavanah, Tony Curran, Andrew Flanagan, Seamus Gubbins
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: UK, Japan

Why in Database: The film consists of four stories – in one of them, in which the heroes’ ship crashed on an island, they find part of the transported cargo – they were taken to the royal zoo. They are used by the survivors as food, you can see even one dead turtle, this element is of course not included in the screenshots.

Look at that! Right up on the beach! Turtle eggs. Dr. Correa was shipping them to the royal zoo. I think he was hoping they were going to hatch.

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