A`Tuin is an interesting example of World-Turtle – a turtle on which the whole world rests, in this case the discworld (well, there are elephants on the turtle and then there is a disk on them). It appears in the Discworld universe created by Sir Terry Pratchett, where he only rarely plays a more important role, usually if he is mentioned at all in books (because the universe was originally created within books), it is not very important mention.

Here is a list of the Discworld books described in TurtleDex, with the indication whether there is A’Tuin/another turtle mentioned or not.

A`Tuin also appears in film/animated adaptations of Pratchett’s books, including even Going Postal, where A’Tuin was not even mentioned in the book version. But it’s such a recognizable Disc symbol that it’s no wonder it’s been “added”. List of films in order of premieres:
Wyrd Sisters
Soul Music
The Color of Magic
Going Postal

Discworld also got a comic book adaptation – five books got this version, we describe them collectively in this note.

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