Attention, Turtle!

Title: Attention, Turtle!
Title oryginalny: Vnimanie, cherepakha!
Year: 1970
Director: Rolan Bykov
Actors: Aleksei Yershov, Andrei Samotolkin, Mikhail Martirosyan, Galina Budanova, Yelena Ryabukhina, Galina Verbitskaya, Maryana Smirnova, Aleksey Batalov, Iren Azer, Liliyan Malkina, Rolan Bykov
Genre: Comedy, Family
Country: USSR

Why in Database: As the title suggests, this movie has a huge amount of shots with a turtle, you can even say that he is the main/one of the main characters! From the very beginning (when title appears, there is a shell in the background), through the mass of school scenes (race, feeding in the canteen, moving toy soldiers and toy plots, checking how much it will carry on its shell) and in many subsequent scenes “outside”.

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