Attenborough Passion Projects

Title: Attenborough’s Passion Projects
Year: 2016
Narration: David Attenborough
Genre: Documentary
Country: UK
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: A four-episode series in which David Attenborough presents his favorite shows he has created over the years, each with an introduction and sometimes additional anecdotes. The first two episodes and the shows featured in them are “A Blank on the Map” and “Lost Gods of Easter Island” and there is no turtle part in them. The third episode is a bit different from the others, “Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives” originally was a four-episode series, here we get a kind of compilation of fragments from these episodes, so in a sense, in addition to the already mentioned additional introduction, we get a new program, different from the original. As you can see in our description, turtle fossils appeared in two episodes, but these fragments were not included in the compilation prepared for this program. However, there was a fragment of the third episode, where the sentence about T-Rex was: “This is not a scaled-up lizard or a scaled-up tortoise.”.
The last episode features one of the more recent works, “Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life” which does not lack turtle elements (Including pieces of Life on Earth where Attenborough visited the Galapagos, so we have a program in which a completely different program is shown, in which also there were fragments of another work by D.A.).

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