All American Zombie Drugs

Title: All American Zombie Drugs
Year: 2010
Director: Alex Ballar
Actors: Beau Nelson, Wolfgang Weber, Susan Graham, Natalie Irby, Alex Ballar, Bobby Burkey, David Reynolds, Aidan Bristow, Russ Cootey, Brian Thomas Smith, Dennis Bover
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Criminal, Horror, SF, Thriller
Country: USA

Why in Database: Turtles only as a verbal reference. In one scene the protagonist has a grudge against another character that used the aquarium (which she bought for her turtle) to start a business related to the cultivation of weed, while the turtle was still living there. She adds that she loved the turtle and it deserved a better fate, suggesting that it suffered a rather sad fate.

Remember that fish tank you supposedly bought for my pet turtle, mr. shuffles? The one you used to start your failed hydroponic weed business? Behind my back? While he was still in it? I loved that turtle. He deserved better than that.

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