Aeschylus, also known as Aischylos of Eleusis, Eschyl, was a Greek playwright living in the years 525 B.C.E. – 456 BCE, famous for “fact”, that his death was the result of a blow to the head, by a turtle, which was dropped by an eagle (that wanted to break the shell of a reptile).

In TD we have already described it as curiosity, we also have one series described, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, where there is an entire episode referring to this character and his death, we also have a note on the comic strip WuMo where there is a possible reference to Aeschylus.

We’ve dedicated a separate paragraph to Pratchett and Discworld – this theme is used in Small Gods, in A Slip of the Keyboard you can read about the thought process that led to the use of this theme in the Small Gods. This theme is also mentioned in the book The Folklore of Discworld and in The Unseen University Challenge.

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