3 Bad Men

Title: 3 Bad Men
Year: 1926
Director: John Ford
Actors: George O’Brien, Olive Borden, Lou Tellegen, Tom Santschi, J. Farrell MacDonald, Frank Campeau, Priscilla Bonner, Otis Harlan, Phyllis Haver, George Harris, Alec B. Francis, Jay Hunt
Genre: Romance, western
Country: USA

Why in Database: Turtle in this movie appears only in dialogue. But since it is a silent film, with dialogues in the form of boards with subtitles displayed on the screen, the turtle (terrapin) is also shown on the screen in this way. In the quote itself, one of the title bad mens uses this name to describe himself and his companions, wondering if such three turtles (terrapins) like them can take care of someone like the heroine.

“I’m thinkin’ three terrapins like us ain’t fit to take care of a gal like her…”

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