Soul Music

Title: Soul Music
Author(s): Terry Pratchett
Release year: 1994
Publisher: Victor Gollancz

Why in Database: There are two mentions of turtles in this Discworld book. The first is the standard, referencje to A’Tuin:

It was a room within a room. There was a large, heavy-looking desk on a raised dais, with a leather swivel chair behind it. There was a large model of the Discworld, on a sort of ornament made of four elephants standing on the shell of a turtle. There were several bookshelves, the large volumes piled in the haphazard fashion of people who’re far too busy using the books ever to arrange them properly.

Second mention is in the context of “rituals” and turtle meat:

He stared along the shelves behind the makeshift counter. There was a pink conch shell. That had a number on it, too. He moistened his lips and reached out…
“If you blow that, you’d just better have a sacrificial virgin and a big cauldron of breadfruit and turtle meat standing by,” said the old lady.

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