Making Money

Title: Making Money
Author(s): Terry Pratchett
Release year: 2007
Publisher: Doubleday

Why in Database: In this Discworld book we have two turtle references, but not to A’Tuin! The first reference is made by the lawyer and concerns the turtle, which had a function that was rather rare for these reptiles:

“Oh, but it can, Mr. Lipwig, it can!” said Slant, with lawyerly glee. “There is a huge body of case law. There was even, once, a donkey who was ordained and a tortoise who was appointed a judge. Obviously the more difficult trades are less well represented. No horse has yet held down a job as a carpenter, for example. But dog as chairman is relatively usual.”

The second mention is about turtles in the context of… torture “devices”:

“Mr. Lipwig, Mr. Lipwig, Mr. Lipwig, will you never learn?” said Vetinari, sheathing the sword. “One of my predecessors used to have people torn apart by wild tortoises. It was not a quick death. He thought it was a hoot. Forgive me if my pleasures are a little more cerebral, will you? Let me see now, what was the other thing. Oh yes, I regret to tell you that a man called Owlswick Clamp has died.”

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