Nasty Nature

Title: Nasty Nature
Author(s): Nick Arnold, Tony De Saulles
Translation: Małgorzata Fabianowska b>Release year: 1996
Publisher: Scholastic

Why in Database: Another volume from the series “Horrible Science” that gets to our database. It contained several turtle fragments and six images.

Terrible turtle treks
Every year green turtles swim to Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean to lay their eggs. No one knows why they go there but the island has few large animals that want to eat the turtles. Unfortunately the island is only 13 km by 9 km (8 by 5.6 miles) in size and some turtles have to swim 2,080 km (1,300 miles) to get there. To make matters worse the tired turtles’ top speed is only 3 km (less than 2 miles) an hour.

2 Snapper turtles in eastern North America are quite at home in smelly stagnant ponds or stinking sewers. It’s a bad idea to go paddling in these places (as if you would!). Snapper turtles lurk in the shallows and they’d love nice pink toes for tea.

6 In the dry season there’s little food. What do you eat?
a) Other lions
b) Fish, insects, lizards, mice and the odd tortoise.
c) Bones buried for just such an emergency.

4 The bearded vulture is wild about bone marrow too. The villainous vulture drops bones from a dizzy height of 80 metres (262 feet) on to rocks until they break open. It has been rumoured to do this to unfortunate tortoises as well and even to enjoy dive-bombing mountaineers.

4 While we are on this grisly subject, our old friend the snapper turtle (last seen lurking in the sewers) enjoys scoffing unwanted bodies. So keen is the turtle that the police in Florida, USA use tame snapper turtles to sniff out corpses. Imagine what the turtles might get as a treat! And talking about dead bodies…

Animals that hibernate include tortoises, squirrels, dormice, bats and some snakes.

Author: XYuriTT

Disney Insider

Title: Disney Insider
Year: 2020-2021
Genre: Documentary
Country: USA
Viewing method: Whole series

Why in Database: Turtle elements appear in two episodes of this series. In episode six (Artemis Adventure, Taste of Disney, Runaway Railway) there is a picture/drawing with Toby Tortoise. In episode seven ()Puppet Masters, Authoring the Force, Capturing a Kingdom) you can see a sea turtle swimming in the aquarium.

Author: XYuriTT

Never Been Kissed

Title: Never Been Kissed
Year: 1999
Director: Raja Gosnell
Actors: Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, Michael Vartan, Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, Garry Marshall, Sean Whalen, Cress Williams, Octavia Spencer, Sarah DeVincentis, Allen Covert, Armand Reiser, David Doty, Derek Morgan, Kathleen Marshall, Jenny Bicks, Leelee Sobieski, Jeremy Jordan
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA

Why in Database: Turtles appear in this movie in two forms. The first is a real turtle that the main character have in home, she also talks to him. The second appearance is one of the side characters who at the end of the movie came to the ball dressed as a turtle.

Author: XYuriTT

Dog Days

Title: Dog Days
Year: 2018
Director: Ken Marino
Actors: Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Adam Pally, Eva Longoria, Rob Corddry, Tone Bell, Jon Bass, Michael Cassidy, Finn Wolfhard, Ron Cephas Jones, Thomas Lennon, Tig Notaro, Lauren Lapkus, Jessica St. Clair, Ryan Hansen, Tony Cavalero, Jessica Lowe, Mo Gaffney
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA

Why in Database: In one scene at the vet, we see a boy with a turtle on his lap. The turtle is also the subject of two short dialogues.

– Hi, Ian. What brings you in today?
– My tortoise ate my turtle.

– All right, come on, Ian. Let’s go see if we can get your turtle out of your tortoise.
– So that turtle-tortoise stuff must really be trippin’ you out, huh?

Author: XYuriTT


Title: Rabi
Year: 1992
Director: Gaston Kaboré
Actors: Colette Kaboré, Joséphine Kaboré, Yacouba Kaboré, Chantal Nikiema, Joseph Nikiema, Sylvia Nopoko Guem, Paul Yerbanga, Tinfusi Yerbanga, Vincent Zoundi
Genre: Drama, Family
Country: Burkina Faso

Why in Database: Movie with a plot revolving largely around the turtles that fascinate title boy, Rabi. You can see a lot of scenes with turtles in this movie.

Author: XYuriTT

Mark of the Tortoise

Title: Mark of the Tortoise
Original title: Wartezimmer zum Jenseits
Year: 1964
Director: Alfred Vohrer
Actors: Hildegard Knef, Götz George, Richard Münch, Heinz Reincke, Carl Lange, Pinkas Braun, Adelheid Seeck, Hans Paetsch, Jan Hendriks, Joachim Rake, Klaus Kinski, Hans Clarin, Wilhelm Borchert, Eva Ebner, Rudolf Fenner, Werner Lieven, Frank Straass
Genre: Criminal, Action, Thriller
Country: West Germany

Why in Database: In this film, a turtle with a skull painted on its shell appears in two scenes. Also, another turtle appears in another scene.

Author: XYuriTT

Victim Five

Title: Victim Five
Year: 1964
Director: Robert Lynn
Actors: Lex Barker, Ann Smyrner, Ronald Fraser, Walter Rilla, Dietmar Schönherr, Gert van den Bergh, Howard Davis, Percy Sieff, Véronique Vendell, Gustel Gundelach, Sophia Kammara
Genre: Action, Adventure, Criminal
Country: Republic of South Africa, USA

Why in Database: A sea turtle appears in one underwater scene.

Author: XYuriTT

The Shaggy Dog

Title: The Shaggy Dog
Year: 1959
Director: Charles Barton
Actors: Fred MacMurray, Jean Hagen, Tommy Kirk, Annette Funicello, Tim Considine, Kevin Corcoran, Cecil Kellaway, Alexander Scourby, Roberta Shore, James Westerfield, Strother Martin, Forrest Lewis, Ned Wever, Gordon Jones, Jacques Aubuchon, Jack Albertson, Jim Bannon, Larry J. Blake
Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Country: USA

Why in Database: The main character keeps a pet turtle, in the basement. The turtle is seen quite well in several scenes.

Author: XYuriTT

The Beginning or the End

Title: The Beginning or the End
Year: 1947
Director: Norman Taurog
Actors: Brian Donlevy, Robert Walker, Tom Drake, Beverly Tyler, Audrey Totter, Hume Cronyn, Hurd Hatfield, Joseph Calleia, Godfrey Tearle, Victor Francen, Richard Haydn, Jonathan Hale, John Litel, Henry O’Neill, Warner Anderson, Barry Nelson, Art Baker, Ludwig Stössel
Genre: Biographical, Drama, Historical, War
Country: USA

Why in Database: Turtle appears in one scene, he walks on the ground and is picked up by one of the characters.

Author: XYuriTT

The Texan

Title: The Texan
Year: 1920
Director: Lynn Reynolds
Actors: Tom Mix, Gloria Hope, Robert Walker, Charles K. French, Sid Jordan, Pat Chrisman
Genre: Comedy, western
Country: USA

Why in Database: In this film, at the very beginning, we can see a reference to history of the Tortoise and the Hare, the main character finds and catches the right animals and sets them up for a race.

Author: XYuriTT