Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Title: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
Year: 2017
Producer: Arkane Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action-adventure, stealthnka
Note based on: Windows

Why in Database: A stand-alone expansion to the game Dishonored 2. We visit the location from that game, the “Royal Conservatory”, in the fourth mission. We can see the figure of the turtle again, and a graphic/photo of him is also displayed by projectors.

Source: Jacek112, Developed: XYuriTT

Dishonored 2

Year: Dishonored 2
Producer: Arkane Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: 2016
Note based on: Windows

Why in Database: In the fifth mission, the player visits a location called the “Royal Conservatory”, where, among many other exhibits, you can see the figure of a turtle. We visit this place again in the game Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, which is also described in our database.

Source: Jacek112, Developed: XYuriTT

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Title: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Year: 2023
Producer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PS5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S
Genre: Action adventure game
b>Note based on: PS5

Why in Database: In this game, while on the planet Koboh, we can meet a huge animal called Trontoshell – which has a very characteristic, turtle-like shell.

Source: Slavek_8, Developed: XYuriTT

The Futurological Congress

Title: The Futurological Congress
Original title: Kongres futurologiczny
Author(s): Stanisław Lem
Translation: Michael Kandel
Release year: 1974 (ENG), 1971 (PL)
Publisher: Seabury Press (ENG), Publisher Literackie (PL)

Why in Database: The turtle appears in this text in the form of one verbal mention, it is given as an example of an animal that you can “change” into in your imagination, using zooformalin.

You are undoubtedly aware that thanks to zooformalin one can temporarily become—or rather, feel oneself to be—a turtle, ant, ladybug, or even a jasmine blossom, with the help of a little botanil inflorescine —subjectively of course.1

1. Pewno pan wie, że dzięki zooforminom można się czasowo stać, to jest czuć się, żółwiem, mrówką, bożą krówką, a nawet jaśminem przy pomocy prebotynidu infloryzującego, oczywiście tylko subiektywnie.

Source: Mossar, Developed: XYuriTT

The Cyberiad

Title: The Cyberiad
Original title: Cyberiada
Author(s): Stanisław Lem
Translation: Michael Kandel
Release year: 1974 (ENG), 1965 (PL)
Publisher: Harcourt Brace (ENG), Wydawnictwo Literackie (PL)

Why in Database: The turtle originally appears in this collection of stories in one text, used in a poem – however, in the translation, this fragment has been translated in a non-turtle way. However, in another fragment, where there was nothing about turtles in original version, the translator added the term “tank-turtles”.

And there were wrecks on wheels and wrecks on treads, some with claws and some with cannon, all sundered to the magnetic core, and tank-turtles with squashed turrets, and mutilated military millipedes, and other oddities, broken and battle-scarred, some equipped with auxiliary brains (burnt out), some perched on telescoping stilts (dislocated), and there were little vicious biting things strewn about.1

Then suddenly, as Trurl was rushing back and forth, there was a crackle, a clack, and the machine with perfect poise said:
The Petty and the Small;
Are overcome with gall ;
When Genius, having faltered, fails to fall.
Klapaucius too, I ween,
Will turn the deepest green
To hear such flawless verse from Trurl’s machine.2

1. I były tam truchła na kołach z pazurami i na gąsienicach z miotaczami, rozpłatane do ostatniego szpiku drucianego, były pancerniki bezgłowe z rodzajem spłaszczonych wieżyczek, porozrywanych atomowymi razami, i wieloczłonowce, i pękate okropieństwa, opatrzone licznymi mózgami rezerwowymi, które wszystkie pomiażdżyły się w walce, i maszkary skaczące z połamanymi szczudłami kończyn teleskopowych, i jakieś małe zjadliwce, które umiały snadź to rozdzielać się na zażarte stado,

2. Trurl miotał się tu i tam, raptem coś trzasło, prasło i maszyna bardzo rzeczowo, spokojnie, oświadczyła:
Zawiść, pycha, egoizm do małości zmusza.
Doświadczy tego, pragnąc iść z Elektrybałtem
W zawody, pewien prostak. Ale Klapaucjusza
Olbrzym ducha prześcignie, niby żółwia autem.

Source: Ponda, Developed: XYuriTT

Stories of Jedi and Sith

Title: Stories of Jedi and Sith
Author(s): Various
Release year: 2022
Publisher: Disney–Lucasfilm Press

Why in Database: The turtle element appears in one of the stories from this collection – “What a Jedi Makes” (Author: Michael Kogge), where a member of the Kadrillian race appears, this is a turtle race, which is clearly stated in the text.

“Hey, Padawan,” chirped the pilot inside, an orange-scaled Kadrillian in a police uniform that accommodated his terrapin half shell.

Source: Mossar, Developed: XYuriTT

Mapy – Obrazkowa podróż po lądach, morzach i kulturach świata

Title: Mapy – Obrazkowa podróż po lądach, morzach i kulturach świata
Author(s): Aleksandra i Daniel Mizielińscy
Release year: 2012
Publisher: Dwie Siostry

Why in Database: A book with a small amount of text, its main contents are maps of various places. On these maps you can find many different turtles, we show them below.

Source: Mossar, Developed: XYuriTT

Young Jedi Knights: Trouble on Cloud City

Title: Young Jedi Knights: Trouble on Cloud City
Author(s): Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta
Release year: 1998
Publisher: Berkley Boulevard

Why in Database: Turtle appears in this book as a single fragment abou a violet turtle.

Outside, sitting on a rock, a violet puffer turtle swelled its bladders, straining the limits of its shell’s flexibility, and then exhaled on a low bassoon note. Heavy beetles crawled up trees and clicked their rear legs together in a rattling rhythm.

Author: XYuriTT


Title: Scoundrels
Author(s): Timothy Zahn
Release year: 2013
Publisher: Del Rey

Why in Database: The turtle only appears in this book in the form of one mention of a vehicle that turtled.

He had no idea how long it would take the men and Falleen inside to recover from that double punch. He also had no intention of hanging around long enough to find out. Jumping up from his crouch, he ran to the turtled vehicle, keyed the lock control, and pulled open the door.

Author: XYuriTT

Tales from Jabba’s Palace

Title: Tales from Jabba’s Palace
Author(s): Various
Release year: 1995
Publisher: Bantam Spectra

Why in Database: Turtle appears in only one of the stories in this collection,Goatgrass: The Tale of Ree-Yees (Author: Deborah Wheeler), where there is a single mention.

The faint scuffle of footsteps answered him, then a muffled cry. Scorch the two-eyes then, he’d find the shipment on his own. He hurried into the receiving area. Here the walls were lined with boxes of pickled meats, crates of dried fruits and beetles, casks of wine, jars of preserved tortoise dung, honeyed oil, caviar, and radioactive potassium salts—all the delicacies the Hutt’s appetite required. He began looking around, lifting the lids of packing crates, peering down aisles of stacked cartons and around giant barrels.

Author: XYuriTT